Marketing & Booking Plans:

The company conducts market research before launching each project, so that logical and market needs can be understood before each campaign is launched. Real estate works should be based on modern studies of marketing and their development on the fundamentals of scientific research. HiTS Marketing (Private) Limited has the experience and experience to prepare and implement marketing plans / solutions for all types of real estate projects anywhere in the world.


For its massive advertising campaigns, HiTS Marketing (Private) Limited always acquires the services of the most reputed and creative advertising agency of the country, HiTS Event Management.

Public Relations:

HiTS Marketing (Private) Limited uses not only an innovative strategy for real estate marketing, but also focuses on repeat customers (constant investors). In this way, it uses a special customer bank that consists of a long list of satisfied customers.

The company also provides consulting services for various promotional activities and public relations on behalf of its clients .

Collateral Support:

Being a professional and truly commercial marketing company, HiTS Marketing is a customer-oriented company, working relentlessly towards providing the highest customer service line and support to its existing customers.

Direct Mail Marketing:

Along with all modern marketing techniques, HiTS Marketing (Private) Limited also uses traditional, direct mail marketing method to approach potential customers. This method ensures consistent growth in the database of customers and investors, who are satisfied with the updated information provided about new projects, current trends in the market and upcoming housing schemes.

Online Assistance:

  • Site map viewing and downloading
  • Application form downloading
  • Online submission of application forms
  • Online booking facility
  • Payment schedule and customer’s current status as a payee
  • Telemarketing

The highly trained and objectively trained training team of telemarketing marketing staff from HiTS Marketing (Private) Limited is active for 24/7 entertainment. The phone marketing team provides full backup support for customers, investors and customers around the clock.

Beyond Traditional Marketing:

Projects are presented to selected segments of buyers through Gatherings, Events and other BTL Activities, including:

  • Seminars
  • Media Briefings
  • Corporate Hi-Tea Events
  • Site Entertainment Events
  • Marketing Associates

HiTS Marketing (Private) Limited has the largest network across the country of affiliates and marketing partners who consistently contribute to the welfare of Pakistani society, in the form of value added residential and commercial real estate solutions.