Al-Faisal Enclave

The Pak AMAFHH Contractor Associates®, Sujo Hunza Real Estate & Builders® and Silkway Business Associates® have jointly initiated the project of Al-Faisal Enclave with the inspiration to provide an opportunity for people with different shades of life to fulfill the dream of building their own home in Islamabad at highly affordable rates. The Al-Faisal Enclave is located at the periphery of rapidly expanding Islamabad capital territory and investment rich region in the vicinity of first truly international airport in Pakistan, making it a magnet for the investment. It is a perfect place to build a home due to its proximity to the extended Kashmir Highway, which will link the airport with main city hub of the federal capital.

Al-Faisal Enclave is among a couple of rare housing schemes in Pakistan having 100 % of landholding before its formal opening. Using this competitive edge, the management of Al-Faisal Enclave is committed to provide finest facilities at a par with reputable societies in Pakistan and abroad. There are numerous open spaces including parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities for all walks of life including kids, women and senior citizens. Its spacious roads, jogging tracks, a beautiful golf ground and quality health and educational institutions will make the place even more attractive to live.

Being aware of the corporate social responsibilities, we have planned to establish a state of the art Higher Secondary School, which will provide outstanding quality education not only for the residents of Al Faisal Enclave, but also for the other communities of the locality. We also have a plan to build a small but high quality hospital which will raise the standard of patient health care and diagnosis. Both the hospital and the school will be governed by independent boards of highly acclaimed professionals in the field of education and health management. These institutions will work as not-for-profit entities paying no return or dividends to Al-Faisal Enclave. However, zero-based budgeting will be vigorously followed and these institutions will be guided by their independent boards to provide ever improving quality education and healthcare.

We believe that we can turn the opportunity of having a vast swathe of land in a strategic place into a serene and attractive place to live. Our team of renowned architects, structural engineers and horticulturists will help us in developing a place which is blend with natural terrain and culture of region, giving all the facilities of modern life at affordable rates.

  • 6-lane Kashmir Highway in the close proximity, leading to airport and main city hub of Islamabad.
  • Concealed/ underground Gas and Electrical connection at the door step
  • Data cable connection at the doorsteps of every plot
  • Safe Potable water filtered by standard central filtration plant (meeting WHO standards for clean drinking water)
  • Insurance services for property
  • Environmental impact understood and taken care of
  • A separate department for Health & Safety measures
  • Round the clock security services with CCTV cameras installed at every essential location
  • Emergency/ Disaster rapid response teams
  • Secure, gated community
  • Building and construction codes to ensure a sage living environment
  • About 50 % of the land is dedicated for facilities that includes;
Medical Center School
Recreational Centers for Senior Citizens, Kids and Women Markets with quality food outlets
Children amusement parks Jogging tracks
Cricket, hockey and volleyball grounds Gymnasium and indoor sports facilities for men and women
A small dam Fruit Orchards
Graveyard Parks
3-bed and two bed luxury apartments Mini Golf Course
Swimming pools Fishing Points


Al Faisal Plot Rates

Pool Internet Security Camera
Property Address: Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad (ISB), Airport Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan